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Converged Communication Systems

Converged Communication Systems is a premier solutions provider that focuses on sales, services, support, and maintenance for your business telephone systems and data networking products. Our support group specializes in Nortel and Avaya products, however work as your telecommunication and IT specialists to provide a complete solution based around your business needs. We specialize in serving the Chicagoland area focusing primarily on the Northbrook and surrounding suburbs. For more information call our centrally located Nortel northern Chicago based support, dispatch, and distribution center at 877-950-7999. Also, visit our headquarter website for more information at

Contact us for more information at 877-950-7999.

Northbrook Nortel Resource Center:

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Nortel Support Northbrook
Nortel Networks Northbrook
Nortel MICS Northbrook
Nortel BCM 50 Northbrook
Nortel Norstar Phones Northbrook
Nortel Meridian Northbrook
Nortel Phone Systems Northbrook
Nortel Maintenance Northbrook
Nortel Norstar Northbrook CICS
Nortel Norstar MICS Northbrook
Nortel BCM Northbrook
Nortel BCM 200 Northbrook
Nortel BCM 400 Northbrook
Nortel Northbrook Option 11
Nortel Northbrook Option 61
Nortel Northbrook Option 81
Nortel Meridian 1 Northbrook
Nortel Meridian Phones Northbrook
Nortel Meridian Voicemail Northbrook
Nortel Call Pilot Voicemail Northbrook
Nortel Northbrook Voice mail
Nortel BCM Support Northbrook
Nortel Option Support Northbrook
Norstar Support Northbrook
Nortel Maintenance Northbrook BCM
Nortel Phone System Maintenance Northbrook
Nortel MICS Maintenance Northbrook
Nortel CICS Maintenance Northbrook
Nortel Option Maintenance Northbrook
Nortel Norstar Northbrook Maintenance
Nortel Install Northbrook
Nortel Installation Northbrook
Nortel BCM Install Northbrook
Nortel CICS Install Northbrook
Nortel MICS Install Northbrook
Nortel Voicemail install Northbrook
Nortel Option Install Northbrook
Nortel Communication Server Northbrook
Nortel Communication Server Support Northbrook
Nortel Communication Server Maintenance Northbrook
Nortel i2001 telephone Northbrook
Nortel IP phone 2001 Northbrook
Nortel Northbrook IP Phone 2007
Norstar T7316 Northbrook
Norstar T7208 Northbrook
Norstar T7100 Northbrook
Nortel Meridian M2008 Northbrook
Nortel Meridian M2616 Northbrook

Nortel Northbrook Sales and Support
If you are a Nortel Partner or Nortel Customer in the Northbrook area or Nationwide, contact our sales and design center for additional information at 877-950-7999. We provide professional Nortel services for your business. Our highly certified technicians and project managers are ready to assist in your next Nortel Norstar or Meridian project.

Call our Nortel Support Headquarters at 877-950-7999

Nortel Converged Illinois Support Group and the CCS Nationwide Sales and Support division is ready to assist with your voice and data equipment needs. We service principal cities and surrounding areas ranging from Nortel Northbrook, Nortel Chicago, Nortel Illinois, Nortel Des Plaines, Nortel Evanston and the rest of the Nortel Illinois footprint. Contact us at 877-950-7999 for more products and services. Check out our customer showcases to see how we helped multiple site offices leverage migration offers to Avaya IP Office with VoIP, SIP, and unified communication technologies to improve business efficiencies.